Immigration Success Stories

Many immigrants who are working their way through immigration applications and petitions with the USCIS feel alone and worry about their applications. However, it is useful to keep in mind that immigrants to the US are part of a long history of US immigration. In fact, there are many famous US immigrants and immigration success stories that can serve as inspiration to current newcomers:

1) Albert Einstein. One of the greatest physicists in history, Einstein was born in Germany but became a pacifist after World War I. He immigrated to the US and renounced his Germany citizenship in 1933. Today, other scientific researchers with considerable skill can also immigrate to the US and even be placed on the fast track to citizenship if, like Einstein, they are working on research that is of interest to the US government.

2) Madeleine Albright. The former Secretary of State in the US, Albright was born in Czechoslovakia and immigrated with her family to the United States in 1948, as the family sought to run from communist rule in the homeland. Albright studied in the US and became one of the highest-ranking women in the US government.

3) Sergey Brin. The co-founder of Google, Brin was born in Russia and moved to the US with his family as a child. Brin is one of a long line of US immigrants who have established companies and have boosted the US economy through their entrepreneurship.

4) John Lennon. A member of the Beatles, Lennon eventually chose to call New York City home after living much of his life in Britain. He is one of many artists and musicians who have chosen to make the US their home. Irving Berlin and Bob Marley are two other musicians who chose to live in the US while pursuing their art. Today, the US still attracts many artists and makes it possible for artists with talent to live and work in the US.

5) Arnold Schwarzenegger. An actor and former California governor, Schwarzenegger was born in Europe but moved to the US as a young many to pursue a film career. Many famous actors, including Michael J. Fox and Anthony Hopkins, have immigrated to the US to pursue their art.