Scholarships for Undocumented Immigrants at Berkeley

Berkeley University has planned to offer scholarships to undocumented immigrants in California and around 200 undocumented immigrants who are ineligible for federal funds are likely to receive scholarships. Undocumented immigrants who crossed the borders illegally and who were brought up in the United States may become eligible to receive scholarships and such children of immigrants who are unable to pursue education due to their financial difficulties will now be able to continue their studies.

The University will use around $1 million to help out these undocumented immigrants. Berkeley, which is a private institution has received this grant from a private foundation and it has announced that 200 undocumented immigrants in the United States, who are citizens of 20 different countries, will be allowed to pursue education free of cost in America’s best universities.

Many undocumented immigrants are unable to attend colleges as they are unable to pay their tuition fees. Uriel Rivera, who is now a scholarship recipient, was earlier forced to leave college as he was unable to pay the tuition fees. He worked in the convenience store owned by his family while studying and usually studied until midnight.

According to the California DREAM Act, undocumented immigrants who had attended college for three years, in the state will have access to financial assistance. However there are few students who are ineligible for federal loans and such students may now receive scholarships through the Berkeley grant.

Berkeley University also hopes that the other institutions will follow its example and help the undocumented immigrants to attend colleges and schools. Fund President, says that the undocumented students are an asset to the country and that it is their responsibility to create opportunities for them.

The DREAM Act if implemented would allow the undocumented immigrants to obtain US citizenship, if they are eligible. However, the DREAM Act was not passed, though President Obama supported it. The California Dream Act allows undocumented immigrants in the state to pursue education but that Act does not help the undocumented immigrants to obtain US citizenship.