U Visas Grant lawful Status to Victims of Crimes

U visas are meant for victims of crimes and to become eligible for a U visa, a person must be a crime victim. Individuals who are victims of domestic violence, torture, kidnapping, sexual assault or murder, may become eligible for U visas. Victims of other crimes that are related to the crimes that are listed, also may become eligible for U visas. However, victims of immigration fraud are ineligible for these visas. Individuals who are victims of crimes, that could have devastating effects on the victims may apply for U visas.

Crime victims who are undocumented immigrants tend to suffer a lot and to help such victims, US immigration laws allow them to apply for U visas. U visa, grants non-immigrant status to the applicants who are victims of crimes and it also allows them to obtain US Green Cards, later on. Victims of crimes, who are applying for U visas must cooperate with the officials while investigating their cases. Similarly, they must provide the required information and if they are not helpful, their applications will be denied. To apply for a U visa, the applicant must provide a letter stating that he/she was helpful in identifying the offender, from the law enforcement officials. Apart from that the applicant must also prove that she has suffered mental or physical pain.

If the applicant is found to be qualified, USCIS will accept the petition and the person who is eligible for a U visa will be granted non-immigrant status, even if the applicant is inadmissible into the United States. These U visas are valid for a four year period. Such a person who gets a U non-immigrant visa will also become eligible for a US Green Card. After remaining in the country as a U non-immigrant for three years, the U visa holder can file Form I-485, for adjustment of status and obtain a Green Card. And to become a lawful permanent resident, the U visa holder must prove that he/she has strong family ties in America and must prove that he/she has been helpful in identifying the offenders.

This U visa helps the victims of crimes to seek required psychological and medical help and it also helps the law enforcement officials to identify criminals. This helps the authorities to keep the country safe. And the U visa is the only option to many people in the United States who are victims of crimes and who are inadmissible into the country.