US Visa Interview Tips

US Visa Interview TipsThe most common question that arises in the minds of the ones who are preparing for their US visa interviews is, “How should I prepare myself for the interview and what are the things I need to know?”

One of the important steps in the process of applying for a US visa is the visa interview. Visa applicants need to be aware of a few things in order to successfully get through these interviews.

Visa interviews will not be scheduled by the US Embassies or Consulates; interviews must be scheduled by the applicants. During the interview, the visa applicant must explain to the Consular officer about his/her travel plans and about the purpose of the trip. The applicant also must demonstrate that he/she has financial support and they he/she will not become a burden to the United States.

It is mandatory to prepare for visa interviews as the ones who get through these interviews alone will be issued US visas. However, there are no special ways to get through these interviews but, the following tips will help the non-immigrant visa applicants to be successful in visa interviews.

Visa interviews are conducted in order to find out whether the ones who have filed applications for non-immigrant visas, meet the visa requirements and are admissible into America. The following US visa interview tips will help the applicants to prepare for their interviews.

  • There are certain visa rules and the applicants, prior to filing their applications, need to read those rules carefully and understand them.
  • These interviews last for less than five minutes and during this time, the applicants must establish their eligibility for non-immigrant visas. Preparation is required for effective presentation.
  • Visa applicants, soon after they plan their trip, need to prepare for these interviews. Questions asked during the interview will be about their trip and few other questions will depend on the type of US visas they have applied for.
  • Supporting documents that establish that the applicants are eligible for US visas must be provided and these documents must be kept organized. Information about funding, like bank statements, must be carried to the interview. This will help the interviewers to make sure that the applicants will not become public charges in the United States.
  • Applicants must show strong ties to their home countries. That is because some who enter into America as non-immigrants overstay their visas and remain permanently in the United States. So they need to establish that they will not do so and that they have compelling reasons to return to their home countries after their trip.
  • The appearance of the applicants and the clothes they wear will have an impact on the interviewers. It is necessary to dress appropriately and a business executive must look like an executive and a student like a student.
  • Applicants need not be nervous, but they need to mind their manners. They must not forget to greet the interviewer and need to avoid arguments.
  • As these interviews last for less than 5 minutes, applicants need to be focused on their replies and answer directly to the questions the interviewers ask. They must not unnecessarily elaborate their responses.
  • They must avoid carrying mobile phones and other electronic instruments to their interviews.
  • Most of all, applicants must be honest and their responses must be clear. People who lie or conceal information will be denied visas.