Where to Locate Resident Date on Green Card

The overall look and integrated security features of green cards have changed significantly over time, but nearly all cards have the same basic information. Finding the resident date on newer cards is often very easy since these green cards have the date printed right on the front. When locating important dates on older green cards, take time to look at both the front and back of the card.

Where to Look: Newer Green Cards

Usually, the resident date is listed on the front of new green cards. Locate the words “Resident Since” near the bottom edge of the card, and find the resident date listed immediately to the right of the words. The resident date is usually listed in Month/Day/Year format on newer green cards. Although older green cards should be replaced to remain valid, it is possible to use an older card to determine your resident date.

Resident Dates on Older Green Cards

A resident date is a six-digit number that may be on either the front or back of an older green card. When located on the back of the card, the resident date is typically located on the line closest to either the bottom or top of the card. The date may follow a set of three letters that identify the state of residency at the time the card was issued. The resident date is usually accompanied by a label when it is listed on the front of an older green card.

Replacement Green Cards

Recent laws require replacing green cards issued before 1977, and green cards without an expiration date are no longer valid. Green cards with an expiration date are also replaced every 10 years to remain valid. Although replacing a green card may be a hassle, using a recent card simplifies finding important information like the resident date, and newer cards offer features that help protect your personal information.