How to File N-400

Naturalization is the process by which you are granted U.S. citizenship after you fulfill the requirements established by Congress in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). The criteria for applying for naturalization include continuous residence in the U.S., knowledge and understanding of U.S. history and government, ability to read, write and speak English, good moral character and a favorable disposition toward the U.S., among other aspects. The application for naturalization is called form N-400.

Step To File N-400

1Complete USCIS form N-400, Application for Naturalization, as per the instructions.

2Print the application and mail the application along with the filing fee of $595, two identical passport style color photographs of yourself and a copy of your permanent resident alien card. Pages five and six of the N-400 Application Instructions will tell you where to submit your application, which will depend on your state of residence and military status.

3USCIS will send you a Notice to Appear for the interview after processing the application. It is not possible to reschedule the interview; so be prepared to travel on short notice to the U.S. for the interview, and present evidence of the requirements and supporting evidence noted above at that time.

4If the interview is successful, the oath ceremony will follow, where you take oath and receive a Certificate of Naturalization (N-570) to prove that you are now a U.S. citizen.

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