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US Immigration

Justice Department Sues California

On Wednesday, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, announced that the Justice Department is suing California over its immigration laws. Three state laws that comprise the state’s decision to declare it a sanctuary jurisdiction, which refuses to offer cooperation with attempts to enforce federal immigration laws. Although not the only territory to pursue such policies, California is …

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DACA Renewals Will Continue to Be Processed

The Department of Homeland Security announced, on Wednesday, that processing for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program renewals will continue, due to court injunctions. In September, President Donald Trump gave Congress six months to create legislation to repair what he described as a legal overreach by former President, Barack Obama, who created the …

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23 Immigrants Arrested in West Texas and New Mexico

On Monday, immigration officials announced that federal agents arrested 23 people on suspicion of being undocumented immigrants when notice of employment audits was served to more than 100 businesses in West Texas and New Mexico. An email sent by Nina Pruneda, the regional spokeswoman for the agency, revealed that agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement …

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Sessions to Talk California and Sanctuary Policies

Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is headed for California to announce a major policy decision on sanctuary policies that limit how much cooperation federal immigration officers receive from local and state law enforcement. Sessions is expected to use the California Peace Officers’ Association annual gathering in Sacramento, on Wednesday, to speak to law enforcement officials. Officials …

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California Immigration Sweeps Net Two Dozen Farm Workers

At least 26 farm workers in Kern County were detained for possible deportation from the US during a mass sweep across Northern and Central California, which, federal immigration officials say, was aimed at undocumented immigrants who were also convicted criminals. But, most of the farm workers do not appear to have serious criminal records. Armando …

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