Form G0325 for Biographic Information

Many immigration applications require USCIS Form G-325 (Biographic Information). This form provides information about the biography of an applicant. It includes information such as who the applicant has been married to, where an applicant has lived, where an applicant has been employee, and other details about the applicant. The information included in USCIS Form G-325 is used by immigration officials in order to determine the eligibility of an applicant for specific petitions. Form G325 is relatively easy to file and requires no filing fee, so it is important to include it where it is required. If you are being sponsored, both you and your sponsor will need to complete Form G325 and submit it together.

While most applicants will need to complete Form G 325 (Biographic Information), there are several versions of this form. If you have submitted an application that is family sponsored, you’ll generally be required to file G-325A. If you have military experience, you may need to file G-325B. If your application is employer-sponsored, you may need to file G-325C. The USCIS has the latest version of Form G-325 and related forms online. Carefully read the instructions in order to determine which version of Form G-325 you need based on your specific circumstances.

In order to file Form G325, you will first need to go to the USCIS web site and download and print the latest version of Form G 325. USCIS Form G-325 (Biographic Information) will require you to fill out your name, gender, date of birth, and any additional names you have used. As well, you may need to fill out an A number or Social Security number.

Immigration Form G-325 will also require you to outline the details of current and past marriages as well as biographic information about your parents. You will also need to provide a list of all addresses outside the United States were you have lived for more than 12 months at a time. On Immigration Form G-325, you also need to indicate why you are filing the form as well as your employment history. Once you have filled out your form correctly and completely, you will need to fill out two more Form G-325 copies identically, and have them signed and notarized before you attach them to your main form. Once you have completed all of this to the best of your ability, you are ready to file Immigration Form G-325.