Proving Immigration Status With Form G-845

Currently, most public benefits at the state, federal, or local level as well as most professional and businesses licenses are reserved for people with immigration status, if not citizenship. This helps ensure that illegal immigrants cannot receive public benefits for which they do not pay taxes and cannot receive licenses in order to legally practice in the United States while they aren’t legally here. However, this does mean that anyone who does have legal status in the United States must first prove that they have legal status before applying for public benefits or a license. USCIS Form G-845 (Verification Request) is used to help confirm the immigration status of someone who wishes to apply for a federal, state, or local license or for any public benefits.

Form G-845 is only two pages long, but applicants must submit documentation with their application in order to prove that they have legal immigration status in the United States. In many cases, applicants need to file Form G-845 Supplement as well as USCIS Form G845. The supplement to Form G 845 cannot be filed separately. It must be filed with immigration Form G-845. The supplement allows applicants to add additional information and documentation that supports their USCIS Form G-845. Both Form G-845 and the supplement have no filing fees.

Not everyone needs to have Form G-845 filed in order to prove immigration status. The Verification Information System (VIS) allows many government agencies to query immigration data. The VIS uses a database of sources to confirm the immigration status of many US residents. If the VIS shows no discrepancy between an applicant’s documentation (provided on an application for benefits, for example) and the official information in the system, an agency can usually proceed to awarding or considering benefits. However, there are many reasons for discrepancies in VIN. An applicant may have moved, changed names, adjusted their immigration status, or made other changes which are not yet shown in VIN, for example. Where discrepancies exist, agencies can file Immigration Form G-845 to verify immigration status. As well, some agencies do not have access to VIN and must file Form G-845 in order to verify the immigration status of an applicant.

Form G845 is an important resource for state agencies in deciding who is eligible for benefits or not. Form G-845 may be used, for example, by DMV and Social Security office when immigrants apply for a driver’s license or social security number. Immigration form G845 helps agencies like these reduce fraud and ensure that only qualified applicants are granted benefits and licenses.