USCIS to release longer naturalization form

USCIS to release longer naturalization formIn the May of this year a brand new, and considerably longer, version of the N-400 form is to be released by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.  The form is the one that immigrants who are already permanent residents of the United States need to use in order to put in an application for naturalization.

The alterations to the N-400 form will feature clearer instructions in addition to the use of technology to ensure that the process of putting in an application for US citizenship is more efficient and accurate.  The new incarnation of the form will also enable the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to make some important determinations as to eligibility, even though the eligibility requirements are not being changed.

The new form, which is twice the length of the original and could make the process more difficult for millions of green card holders that are eligible to apply for citizenship, has been discussed by the South Asian Network, which says that there are innumerable priceless benefits that come with gaining naturalization for Indian American and other South Asians who hold green cards.  Their communities are likely to experience increased rates of homeownership as well as higher wages.

Financial woes, limited access to transportation and limited levels of proficiency with the English language can still be a problem for many South Asians, however, although the South Asian Network is intending to offer free ESL services for people who need assistance with English in order to pass the naturalization exam.