All You Need to Know About Getting a Job in the U.S.

USA jobs are in hot demand. The US is a large, industrialized nation with plentiful and lucrative jobs in every industry. Workers from all over the world hope to take part in the US employment opportunities available. However, US immigration laws prohibit just anyone from getting US jobs. In order to apply for USA jobs, you need to have the authorization from American immigration officials in order to live and work in the US. If you want to apply for US jobs, you will want to:

1) Visit the USCIS web site ( and review the requirements for visas, citizenship, and green cards to see whether you qualify. If you do, you can apply through USCIS forms and get work authorization this way. For example, if you qualify for a green card, apply for your green card through the USCIS and then you will be able to qualify for a green card job (a job requiring permanent residency) when you get your green card. You will need to renew your green card, however, to maintain your employment eligibility.

2) Apply for a job first and have your employer sponsor you for US immigration. Your employer can hire you and arrange your US immigration requirements with the USCIS. This is usually an option if you are very experienced and esteemed in your field and have expertise that the US needs.

3) Apply for residency or legal US immigration status first and apply for employment visas or green cards second. If you have the financial resources to live in the US without a job, you may be able to get training in the US first. This can bolster your qualifications for a visa or work permit, especially if you live in the US for some time while completing your training. However, you will usually need to prove that you have the financial resources to support yourself without a job while you are in the US.

4) Consult with a qualified US immigration attorney. A good US immigration attorney can consider your situation and can offer you advice on which route to take with USCIS in order to qualify for a US job. Since a US immigration lawyer has a detailed knowledge of US immigration laws, he or she can tell you which method would most likely qualify you for work eligibility in the US.

Once you are qualified to work in the US with a work visa, green card, or work permit, finding a job is quite simple. USA jobs are widely advertised online, in employment offices, and in newspapers. Simply create a resume and apply for the jobs that fit you best. You may need to prove your work eligibility before you are hired.