Checklist for when Travelling Outside the US with your Children

US travel with a child can be challenging in many ways; you may need to arrange for additional fare and arrange to keep your child occupied and happy on a long trip. You will also generally have to arrange for a US passport for your child and ensure that your child has authorization to leave the US and re-enter without a problem. Consider this handy checklist when applying for a passport for children:

-All children leaving the US by airplane will need a US passport for US travel . This even applies to babies and new born infants. US travel by boat or land has different requirements. However, having a US passport for children is very important as it is an additional piece of ID that can be important when traveling with your child. Therefore, if you plan to travel with your child, apply for a US passport.

– To apply for a US passport for your child, start by filling in and filing Form DS-11 (Application for a U.S. Passport) in person at an agency. Both parents as well as the child must typically be present to get a passport for children.

– Bring plenty of identification with you when applying for a US passport for your child. You will need to bring evidence of the child’s citizenship as well as ID for the parents and proof of the relationship between parents and children. If the child was born in the US, a birth certificate as well as parental ID can be useful. However, it is best to bring an array of ID, just in case. Some of the ID will need to be photocopied and submitted, but it will be returned to you. The instructions for Form DS-11 (Application for a U.S. Passport) will include a list of ID forms that are currently acceptable by US passport agencies. Consult this list to ensure that you have the ID you need.

– Ensure that both parents give consent to the child’s passport. If both parents are able to appear in person with the child, this is not an issue. If only one parent can appear at the passport office, one parent will need to sign Form DS-11 in front of the appropriate agent while the other parent will need to submit Form DS-3053 (A notarized Statement of Consent). If one parent cannot give consent, the parent with custody must submit Form DS-3053. If neither parent can submit consent, a third party must have a notarized written affidavit from the custodial guardians, authorizing the third party to apply for a passport for the child.

– Submit the required passport photo as well as the current filing fee with your passport application.