Mexican officials helping Haitian immigrants reach the US

An internal document from the Department of Homeland Security suggests that Mexican officials are quietly assisting thousands of Haitians in entering the US illegally. The document details the often complicit attitude of the governments of the US’ neighboring countries. It also gives details of the route taken by the immigrants and the money given to people smugglers on the way.

Over 6000 Haitian immigrants arrived at the San Diego border this year, more than 18 times the number recorded in the 2015 fiscal year. The documents, obtained by California Republican Representative, Duncan Hunter, suggest that another 2600 were waiting in the north of Mexico, as of last week. A further 3500 were preparing to make the journey from Panama.

The immigrants are paying a minimum of $2500 to be smuggled to the doorstep of the US from South America. This is where many of them give up, at the border, and attempt to claim asylum to try to gain a foothold in the country.  The document says that Haitian immigrants have created a clandestine and dangerous new method of reaching the US.

The immigrants ‘ journey begins in Brazil and follows a 7100-mile route along the west coast of Central America and South America. It takes in as many as 11 countries, on a trek lasting around four months’ duration. Some nations are more welcoming to the immigrants than others, with particular vigilance on deportations shown by Nigeria.