Voters Want Honduran Immigrants Stopped at U.S. Border

Americans agree with the efforts of President Donald Trump to stop the immigrant caravan of Hondurans currently in Mexico from illegally entering the US via the US-Mexico border. According to a new national online and telephone survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports, 51% of likely voters think the government should prevent the caravan from entering the US.

Just 38% of voters disagree with the assessment and think that the immigrants should be temporarily allowed into the country until the government has reviewed all individual cases, while 11% remain uncertain on the issue. The findings are almost the same as those of a survey carried out in April when a different immigrant caravan from Central America was on its way to the US via Mexico.

93% of voters who approve of the President’s job performance want the Honduran immigrants to be denied entry, while 69% of those who disapprove want case-by-case reviews. 61% of those following the news reports about the immigrant caravan think it should be stopped before it gets as far as the border.

1,000 people were interviewed in the survey, which took place on 21 and 22 October. 79% of Republicans believe that the Honduran immigrants should be stopped by the US government, as do 53% of unaffiliated voters, with 64% of Democrats wanting them to gain temporary access to the US pending review.