Business Visas: Who Can Apply

Many visitors come to the US for business purposes. For example, professionals come to the US to learn from US businesses, to take part in business meetings and industry events, to meet with consultants and marketing professionals, and even to explore the possibility of doing business in the US. In addition, some businesses visitors have divisions or employees in the US, and must visit them regularly. Business professionals who may travel into the US for business reasons include CEOs, researchers, managers, professionals, workers, trainees, entrepreneurs, investors, and other business professionals.

One of the most popular business visas is the B1 visa. This visa allows business travelers to travel to the US for general business reasons, such as negotiating, consultations, participation in industry events and seminar, research, and
business meetings. However, these US visas do not allow for work authorization. If your business trip will require you to perform any type of work in the US, you will need work authorization as well as a different type of US visa. If a B1 visa meets your needs, you can apply for one through the USCIS or at a local US embassy or consulate. In many cases, these US visas are issued for up to ten years and allow for more than one entry into the US.

However, B1 visa holders cannot remain in the US for more than 6 months at a time. To apply for this type of business visa, you may need to apply by filing the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (US immigration form DS-160). You may also need to explain the purpose of your business travels to the US and you may need to pass an immigration interview. The intention of this application process is to ensure that you are entering the US on legitimate business purposes and will not overstay your visa or violate the terms of your business visa.