Preparing for a US visa interview

US flagIndividuals who are getting ready for an interview for a US visa need to be aware of a number of important guidelines, as failure to correctly follow the required steps might end up with the application eventually being rejected.

Applicants for a US visa should not make any travel arrangements to go to the United States, resign from their current job or dispose of any property they currently rent or own until their application has been officially approved and the visa has actually been issued.  Applicants also have to undergo a thorough medical examination prior to the interview being conducted or else risk their application being denied.  There can be no advance guarantees made to applicants that they will be issued their visa, as a final decision can be made only after the interview has been completed and a consular officer has reviewed their application.

Should an application be deemed to be ineligible, there may not be any immigrant visa issued. The individuals affected will be advised by the consular officer about how they may become eligible. For example, applicants who already live in the United States under the Exchange Visitor Program will be ineligible as they will first have to go return to their home country for a period of two years before being permitted to reapply.

People who turn 21 years of age before the date of the interview appointment should contact the US Embassy or Consulate in order to request an earlier interview or risk becoming ineligible.