Quick passports now available for summer travel

US flagThe US Department of State is starting to make it a much simpler process for people to get hold of a passport in order to go traveling during the summer season.  Services are being speeded up in order to enable families and students to travel overseas, with passports being delivered within a period of between just four to six weeks, something that can aid travelers in reaching their destinations in a much more timely fashion.  That said, the US Department of State is still recommending that people put in their applications for passports as soon as they possibly can.

There are over 8,000 locations where expedited passport applications can be obtained, with renewals, first time passports, data corrections and extra US visas pages all qualifying for this faster service.  Applicants have to pay an extra fee of $60 and passports will arrive within just two to three weeks.

For people who are on tight schedules, one option that is rapidly increasing in popularity is being able to hire a third party to get US visas or passports in as little as just 24 hours.  While this can cost several hundred dollars, it is a simple method of achieving overseas travel in cases of sudden emergency or for the purposes of a business trip.

Businesses that offer these services have to register with the State Department and they can then pick up and subsequently drop the passports off whenever necessary.