Reform to help work visa immigrants

CitizenshipMore and more people are now aware of the attempts being made in the United States to bring about immigration reform and countries from all over the world are getting to take a look at the agreements and terms that are included in the proposed bill.

Those who advocate for comprehensive immigration reform are trying to pressure President Barack Obama to give amnesty to undocumented immigrants in the wake of Congress continuing to drag its feet when it comes to quickly and decisively reaching some kind of agreement. As a result of this public debate, lawmakers in India have been reviewing exactly what could be achieved by taking this route.

The comprehensive immigration reform bill that was passed by the Senate last year would have a direct impact on relations between the United States and India, according to a report released by the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Affairs. Although certain aspects of the legislation would protect the particular interests of a small number of policies and lawmakers, it would also result in the creation of opportunities for people who are looking to obtain a non-immigrant work visa. The proposed reform bill contains policies that would alter the cap on US visas by a high percentage and change the way in which they are distributed.

Although some people are afraid that more immigrants entering the United States would have a negative impact on Americans seeking employment, Indian immigrants who want to work in the IT industry could actually boost the US economy, according to Dartmouth College economist, Matthew Slaughter.