US visas – opportunities and requirements

US visas – opportunities and requirementsThe United States is able to provide a variety of different US visas for immigrants that wish to be able to live and work in the country.  Every visa does, however, come with a different set of requirements, different options for children and spouses, and different expiration dates.

A number of US visas are linked to employers, while others are affiliated with universities and schools, and still more are aimed at newlyweds.  People need to have a degree of creativity when it comes to filling out immigration forms within the United States.  Two specific visas for those wishing to come and live and work in the United States are visas for recent graduates and students, and visas that are aimed at investors.

The F1 visa is the one most widely used by immigrant students coming to the United States.  This document enables students to remain in the US for the entire length of their time in school and can even be extended for a further 12 months beyond that thanks to an Optional Practice Training document.  Students that are able to gain employment with verified businesses will also be able to stay in the country for a further 17 months if the work is vital to their field of study.

Over 50 nations have treaties with the United States that enable immigrants to live in the country and invest in American business.  To gain an E visa, immigrant investors must invest enough to start a business, usually around $15,000, and such visas can continue indefinitely.