USCIS Offices closed due to Coronavirus

USCIS shutdown its field offices, asylum offices, and application support centers from March 18 to the public. Initially, it was estimated to be closed until April 1. However, considering the current situation where this coronavirus is spreading like wildfire across all the states USCIS has decided to extend the shutdown until June 4. 

Affected services:

In-person services with applicants, including interviews, biometric appointments, and naturalization ceremonies are all suspended. We have covered more in detail of all the immigration-related services and processes being affected by the coronavirus in a separate article. Check it out.

What services are still running?

Even though certain services have been stopped USCIS staff will continue to work. USCIS staff will work in areas where it does not involve contact with the public directly and USCIS will provide emergency services for limited situations.

Immigration application filings like green card renewal, us citizenship applications, employment authorization document renewals, status adjustments, and other form filings are still underway. USCIS continues to accept and process these applications.

If there are any critical immigration forms to be filed with the USCIS but you are under lockdown and unable to prepare your forms then you can use our online software from the comfort of your home to prepare your immigration forms and send it to the USCIS.

Please be safe and don’t forget to follow the recommended safety precautions to prevent yourself and your loved ones from contracting the coronavirus.