B-1 Visa Holders Cannot Work in the US

Foreign nationals who wish to travel to the U.S. must obtain visas. There are different types of visas and those who wish to get into the U.S. need to get the right type of visa based on the purpose of their visit. Non-immigrant visas are for temporary stay and immigrant visas are for permanent residence in the U.S.

B visitor visas are for foreign nationals who want to travel to the U.S. temporarily for business or for tourism. To visit the U.S. temporarily for business, they can get B-1 visas and B-2 visas to visit for tourism.

B-1 visa holders can attend professional, scientific or business conventions, seminars or conferences or consult with business associates, in the U.S. They can settle estates or negotiate contracts.B-1 visa holders are not permitted to work in the U.S.

According to the Immigration and Nationality Act, B-1 visa holders cannot perform skilled or unskilled labor in the U.S. They can come to the U.S. for business and this does not allow them to work in the country. They can engage in commercial transactions but cannot involve in gainful employment in America.

Some U.S. companies misuse B-1 visas to bring skilled workers to the U.S. to fill vacant positions. They use those visas instead of H-1B visas to bring foreign workers. But it is to be remembered that B-1 visa holders are prohibited from conducting businesses in the U.S. and from accepting paid or unpaid employment. It is also illegal to perform productive work while in the U.S. on a B-1 visa.

Foreign nationals who want to work in the U.S. can consider getting temporary work visas. B-1 visa holders, who want to work, can change their non-immigrant status to other non-immigrant categories that would permit them to work. To do this, they need to file Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Non-immigrant Status. After a status change is granted, they can work in the U.S.