Presidents Day Special Naturalization Ceremonies

Presidents Day Special Naturalization CeremoniesIn honor of America’s first president George Washington, the U.S. celebrates the Presidents Day on the third Monday of February. This day is intended to honor all the American presidents and it is a federal holiday.

This day is celebrated in the U.S., but the observance of this day goes unnoticed as many fail to recognize the importance of this special day. Initially, Americans celebrated George Washington’s birthday on February 22. After several years, his birthday was approved as a federal holiday. Followed by that, many started to celebrate the birthday of Abraham Lincoln that falls on February 12.

Until 1971, these two days were observed as federal holidays. President Richard Nixon in 1971 combined these two holidays into one and declared the Presidents Day as one federal holiday, on the third Monday of February. This day does not fall on the birthday of any U.S. president.

People in the U.S. celebrate this day just like Independence Day. It is viewed as a time for patriotic celebration. Special festivities will be held throughout the weekend in Washington DC. Many people in America celebrate the Presidents Day weekend by camping or visiting their friends and family. The U.S. Congress will hold a special ceremony on this day and honor government workers.

USCIS will celebrate this day by conducting special naturalization ceremonies. USCIS will welcome 17,800 new citizens this year. 148 special naturalization ceremonies will be conducted by the USCIS between Feb. 14 and 22, 2014.

People who are preparing for their naturalization interviews must learn about this day as there are some civics questions about the Presidents Day. USCIS offers resources on U.S. presidents that will help the naturalization applicants to prepare for the civics part of the naturalization test. It is important to know about and honor the Presidents Day.