B-2 Tourist Visa: Overview

B-2 Tourist Visa: OverviewTo travel to the United States, a foreign national must obtain a visa. There are several types of US visas and based on the purpose of travel, one must obtain the right type of visa. To visit the country for tourism purposes, a B-2 tourist visa must be obtained. People who seek to visit the country temporarily can obtain this visa.

To get this visa, foreign nationals must hold valid passports. People applying for these visas must establish that they are capable of financially supporting themselves.

This visa will permit foreign nationals to stay in the country only for a period of six months. However, B-2 visas can be extended. Citizens of foreign countries who seek to undergo medical treatment in America, also can obtain B-2 visas. It must be remembered that visas will only permit visa holders to travel to a US port of entry.

To get a B-2 visa, the Online Non-immigrant Visa Application, Form DS-160, along with the right fee must be filed. After filiing this application, applicants must schedule visa interviews and pay the required visa application fee. Followed by that, they need to attend their interviews and submit the required supporting documents. If their visa applications are approved, visas will be issued to them and their passports along with their visas will be returned to them.

During the visa interview, applicants must establish that they will return to their home countries prior to the expiration of their visas and that they will not overstay their visas. Applicants must also establish that they will not engage in unauthorized employment, while in America as non-immigrants as people who enter into America on B-2 visas cannot study or work in the country. They need to establish by submitting documentary evidence that they will depart the United States after their trip and that their trip is only temporary.

Certain non-immigrant visas permit the holders of those visas to work in the country but this B-2 visa holder are not authorized to work in America. They cannot apply for permanent resident status and they will be subject to deportation, if they overstay their visas.