Visa Sponsorship

US citizens, Green Card holders and temporary visitors, living in the United States can invite their relatives and friends to visit the country. US citizens and the lawful permanent residents can get their immediate relatives Green Cards but the other temporary workers can only invite their relatives and friends to visit the country temporarily. Only the permanent residents and US citizens can sponsor their relatives for immigrant visas.

Citizens of foreign countries can apply for temporary non-immigrant visas like B-2 visas, in their home countries. They need not be sponsored by anyone and they can file applications for themselves. Likewise, they can apply for temporary visas to visit the country for several other purposes.

Some visas require sponsorship and the person in America who sponsors a relative, by signing an affidavit must take responsibility to take care of all the expenses for the beneficiary’s (the relative) trip. By signing an affidavit, the sponsor indicates that he/she will bear the cost of travel and prove that the relative who travels to America as a visitor will not become a public charge.

Consular officers issue visas to citizens of foreign countries after reviewing their applications and after making sure that they are admissible into the country. However, having a sponsor is likely to increase the odds of getting visas.

People who seek to invite their relatives or friends, will have to submit few documents and sign Form I-134, Affidavit of Support. They need to provide a letter of invitation and establish that they are capable of financially supporting the visitor.

Temporary workers, US citizens and permanent residents can invite their family members to visit the country for family get-togethers, weddings, medical treatment, funerals and other events. However, sponsorship is not necessary for visitor visas. Foreign nationals who have good financial background and who meet all the other requirements, can get visitor visas.

Having a sponsor does not guarantee that a visa will be issued. To get a US visa, the applicant must fulfill the eligibility requirements and be eligible for a US visa.