Bilateral Adoption Agreement Between US and Russia

USCIS and the US Department of State, are working together to bring about an adoption process that would help the adoptive parents and children. The adoption process between America and Russia will be improved and this process will come into force in November. According to this new agreement, US parents who look forward to adopt a child from Russia must be authorized by the USCIS, before they could start the adoption process. USCIS will first determine whether the child is eligible to immigrate to the United States and whether the parents who are looking forward to adopt the child will be able to take care of the child and fulfill the needs of the child.

Executive director of Happy Families International Center, Natasha Shaginian-Needham, said that this process will benefit the parents and the children. Now the US parents who wish to adopt a child, do not get complete information about the child but the new agreement will enable the parents to obtain more information about the child and will help them to decide whether to adopt the child or not.

The US Department of State, states that more than 962 people from Russia were adopted in the year 2011. However, all the provisions of this agreement may not be implemented on November 1, 2012. USCIS states that the whole process will be completely implemented within nine months and the USCIS will use the old procedures to decide on the cases that are already in process.

DOS and USCIS will make sure that all the required information about the adoption process is made available to the public. Moreover the Russian government will allow parents to adopt a child only if the child is not adopted by its relatives. And people from the United States who wish to adopt children from Russia may contact and get the help from the authorized service providers in Russia.