Nightmare for Immigrant Spouses

Many foreign nationals wish to immigrate to the United States and live there, similarly the United States also welcomes immigrants from various parts of the world. However, many people get into the country illegally and some of them who enter illegally get married to US citizens and settle in America illegally with their children and families. But they always lead their lives in shadows as they will be separated from their families once they are encountered by the US immigration authorities.

But America offers to help out US citizens who get married to foreign nationals and the US immigration laws allow US citizens to sponsor their spouses for lawful status in America. But the undocumented immigrants who are spouses of US citizens are more likely to be removed from the country, as they had once entered the country illegally. However, such people are being helped by certain hardship waivers. President Obama announced a process through which the undocumented spouses may apply for lawful status in the country but that process has still not been implemented. That plan will allow the families to remain together in the country.

According to the US immigration laws, if a foreign national crosses the border illegally and remains in the United States for more than a year, that person will be barred from entering the country for a ten year period. Such a person can then apply for a hardship waiver and try to get into the country sooner and obtain lawful status. But that may not be possible if the person had entered into the country illegally more than once. A person who had entered into the United States several times, without proper documentation, may be barred from entering into the country for his life time. In this case, even if your spouse is a US citizen, you may not be able to do anything and you will be separated from your family. But you may file applications for hardship waivers after several years.

After you file an application for a hardship waiver, you will be required to appear for an interview at a US Consulate in your home country. You will immediately be notified about the results of the interview and if you are considered ineligible to enter into the United States because of your immigration violations, you may not be able to get back to America and you will have to remain in your home country. There are several foreign nationals who are separated from their families because of illegal immigration. If you had entered into the United States illegally and if you are married to a US citizen, the best thing that you could do is to return to your home country and try to re-enter the United States legally.