Can an Expired Green Card be Renewed?

Can an Expired Green Card be Renewed?Foreign nationals who become legal residents of the United States will be issued green cards. Though the legal resident status will not expire, the green cards that are proof of this legal status are valid for only ten years. However, this legal status is revocable. Residents who commit crimes or abandon the lawful status granted to them by the United States will be stripped off their lawful status in America.

Though the permanent residents need not renew their lawful status, they need to renew their green cards. Applications to renew green cards must be filed every ten years. The right time to file the application for green card renewal, Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, is when there are six months remaining for the expiration of the card. Those who let their resident cards expire will not be penalized; an expired card can also be renewed. Permanent residents who let their cards to expire need to file applications for green card renewal as soon as possible.

To renew an expired green card, Form I-90 must be filed with the USCIS. Applications for green card renewal can either be filed online or by mail. This form must be filed with the filing fee of $365 along with $85, the fee for biometrics services. Permanent residents who file applications for renewal will be called in to submit biometrics information. Form I-90 can also be filed to get lost or mutilated cards replaced.

Legal residents who let their cards expire and who fail to go through the renewal process are likely to lose their legal status in the country. If they wish to remain in America as legal residents, they need to hold valid green cards and maintain their legal status.