Can US Citizenship Be Revoked?

Can US Citizenship be Revoked?A person who procured naturalization unlawfully will be subject to revocation of naturalization. Unlawful naturalization means that the person who obtained citizenship is not eligible for it. A person’s naturalization can revoked if he or she has been found not to have met any one or few of the naturalization requirements. The naturalization requirements include physical presence requirement, good moral character and other U.S. citizenship requirements listed here.

Wilful misrepresentation of material facts can lead to the revocation of naturalization. If a person has deliberately misrepresented material facts on their naturalization application, they are more likely to lose their citizenship.

A person’s naturalization will be subject to revocation for wilful misrepresentation of facts if

  • they had wilfully misrepresented or concealed some material fact and
  • if they have obtained citizenship as a result of the misrepresentation or concealment of that fact.

They will be considered to have illegally procured naturalization if they have not complied with any of the naturalization requirements at the time they became a U.S. citizen, even if they were unaware of any misrepresentation.

A person will be stripped off of his citizenship, if he or she is found to be a member or is affiliated with a terrorist organization. They are more likely to lose their citizenship if they become a member of the Communist or other totalitarian parties or of a terrorist organization, within five years from getting their citizenship.

People who obtained citizenship by virtue of serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, may lose citizenship if they were not honourably discharged from service.

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