Deferred Action Gives a Chance to Undocumented Immigrants to Remain in the United States

The new deferred action policy implemented by President Barack Obama, will give a chance to young undocumented immigrants to receive deferred action, through which they may reside and work in the United States for 2 years. By receiving deferred action, the deportation of eligible undocumented immigrants will be deferred for two years. Through this process, the US immigration service will not deport the recipients of deferred action for two years though the recipients will not be granted any legal status in the United States.

A person between 16 and 31 years of age may request deferred action on satisfying all the eligibility requirements. They can also apply for work permits that will allow them to work legally in the country for two years. According to this memorandum, undocumented immigrants may continue their education and may work in the United States. However, they will not become eligible to receive federal grants for education. Their deportation will be shelved for a certain period and their presence in the United States will be considered to be legal, though they are not granted any legal status.

Some people have a fear that they may be deported from the country at the end of the two-year period for which they will be granted deferred action. By renewing the period of deferred action, at the end of the two-year period, they may not be deported from America. Similarly, there is no age limit to request renewal of deferred action as you may file an application to renew deferred action even if you are above age 31. You can also renew your work permit while renewing deferred action. Undocumented immigrants who are studying may be able to continue their studies without the fear of deportation.
Law-abiding young undocumented immigrants who got into the America, are now relieved as they may receive a brief postponement of removal from the United States and they can focus on their education and can also serve in the US armed forces. Many undocumented immigrants who are eligible to receive deferred action hope that the next step could be the Dream Act, that would allow the undocumented immigrants to become permanent residents or US citizens.