Eligibility Requirements to File Form I90 Online

You need not worry about completing paper forms, if your Green Card is set to expire or if it has already expired as the USCIS now allows the permanent residents to e-file Form I90 to renew or replace their Green Cards. This Green Card renewal form serves few different purposes and so the Green Card holders who seek to file this from must first go through the form instructions and then file this form and that is because every Green Card holder who seeks to file Form I-90 may not be eligible to file this form online.

United States Green Cards are valid only for ten years and as a Green Card holder, you will have to renew your permanent resident card, before the expiration date and to do so, you need to file Form I90. You will have to use the same form to get your lost or stolen Green Card replaced. If you are filing Form I-90, for these purposes, you can go for online filing. Similarly, mutilated cards also must be replaced immediately, as a Green Card is an important identity document and without this document, you will have a tough time proving that you are a lawful resident of the country.

After receiving your Green Card, if you get married and change your name or if you change your name legally for some other reason and if you wish to change such biographic information that is printed on your Green Card, you can file Form I-90, online. Similarly, Green Card holders who have taken up commuter status and people in resident commuter status who seek to take up actual residence in America, can also e-file Form I-90. Earlier, Green Cards that were issued to lawful permanent residents, did not have expiration dates and if you hold one such Green Card, you need to file Form I90, to obtain the current type of Green Card and to get a new Green Card, you can file Form I90, online. Apart from that, people who automatically became lawful residents, can obtain Green Cards by e-filing Form I-90.

Nevertheless, you must remember that you cannot electronically file Form I90, if you cannot afford the form filing fee and if are applying for a fee waiver or if you did not receive the Green Card that was issued to you by the USCIS. Likewise, if there are errors on your Green Card and if the mistakes are due to USCIS administrative errors, you cannot e-file Form I-90, to correct those errors and in this case, you will have to file the paper version of Form I-90. Moreover, you will have to remember that the Green Card renewal process does not apply to conditional Green Card holders and if you hold a conditional card and if that card is expiring, you must not apply for renewal and you must only file a petition to remove conditions on that card.