Find Immigrant Self Help Resources Online

Filling out US immigration petitions and applications usually requires some help. The various US immigration processes and forms can be quite complex, so most petitioners require some help. If you need help, you can contact the USCIS or make a USCIS appointment through InfoPass.
However, there are also many online resources that can help you prepare for an application, citizenship test, or can help you answer basic questions about US immigration:

1) The USCIS website. The USCIS website is a great online resource. The site contains frequently asked questions, the latest versions of  every USCIS form, and much more. Be sure to check out the portal for new immigrants at for basic information that most newcomers to the US need.

2) Check at your local library. Your local librarian can help you find legitimate and trusted sources of information online and in books.  Your local library catalogue may also have research portals that can  help you find more information online. If you don’t have internet access at your home, your local library can also provide you with free or low-cost internet access at library branches in your area.

3) The American Immigration Center Inc. The American Immigration Center Inc. has many valuable and even free resources for immigrants, including an informative blog and a whole list of immigrant resources to review.
When reviewing online resources, be wary about where the information comes from. Keep in mind that virtually anyone today can create and publish a website, so just because some information is available online, that does not mean that the information is legitimate. Check the dates of any resources you find online – old information is likely outdated, especially since the USCIS frequently changes its policies and forms. In addition, make sure that you check where the information comes from. Is the author an expert in the subject of US immigration?  If not, trust the USCIS website and the resources listed above if you are looking for immigration information online.