House Approves STEM Bill that Eliminates Green Card Lottery

The US House of Representatives, on Friday, voted on the STEM bill that will grant 55,000 immigrant visas to STEM graduates. According to this bill, foreign students who are graduates of US universities, will be granted immigrant visas and the Green Card lottery program that grants diversity visas to nationals of selected foreign countries will be eliminated.

Democrats are against this STEM bill, that is supported by the Republicans and the Democrats do not want to get rid of the Green Card lottery program that has been helping the people from underrepresented countries, to immigrate to the United States. President Obama and many other Democrats oppose this bill as they do not want to eliminate the Green Card lottery program.

Undocumented immigrants and the Latinos in America, want the President to reform the immigration laws and allow the undocumented immigrants to live legally in the country. President Obama also wants to reform the laws and help the undocumented immigrants, in the United States. President Obama who wants to retain the high-skilled graduates who complete their degrees in America, does not want to put an end to Green Card lottery.

However, Republican Representative Lamar Smith, who introduced this act, says that this visa program will help the United States to retain high-skilled foreign nationals. Though this bill was passed by the US House of Representatives, it is not supported by the Democrats and this bill may not be passed by the US Senate. Moreover, New York Senator, Charles Schumer, is likely to introduce a comprehensive immigration bill, sooner.