DACA Recipients in Nevada are Eligible for Driver’s Licenses

Many American states are in the process of granting driver’s licenses to deferred action recipients. However, there are a few American states, like Arizona, that do not want to grant driver’s licenses and other benefits to DACA recipients. Now, undocumented immigrants in Nevada, who receive deferred action are likely to obtain driver’s licenses. Though few Republican Governors have denied driver’s licenses for the undocumented immigrants who receive deferred action, Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, who is also a Republican, has announced that the undocumented immigrants who receive deferred action will become eligible for state issued driver’s licenses, in Nevada.

More than 20,000 undocumented immigrants in Nevada are eligible for deferred action, according to Pew Hispanic Center. Deferred action recipients in states like Arizona and Michigan, may not be granted driver’s licenses. But states like California and Florida will allow the DACA recipients to apply for and obtain driver’s licenses. And states like Chicago are looking forward to issue driver’s license to all the undocumented immigrants.

Driver’s licenses mean a lot to the undocumented immigrants who are now unable to drive legally because of their immigration status and it will be difficult for them if they are not allowed to drive legally. Recipients of DACA and undocumented immigrants who are eligible for deferred action, in Nevada are now happy as the can apply for driver’s licenses and drive legally. DACA recipients in Nevada, may apply for driver’s licenses similar to the permanent residents and the US citizens, in the state. According to the deferred action policy, deportation of undocumented immigrants who receive deferred action, will be postponed for 2 years and they will also become eligible for two year work permits.