How to Electronically File an Application for Green Card Renewal?

How to Electronically File an Application for Green Card Renewal?To obtain immigration benefits, required forms must be filed with the USCIS. Earlier, all the applicants were required to file paper forms but now USCIS permits the customers to electronically file applications to obtain immigration benefits. Hence, you need not worry if your Green Card is set to expire as the Green Card renewal process is quite simple and you can easily file Form I-90 for Green Card renewal online. As it is well known, there are several benefits of filing this petition online and this process is quite simple.

USCIS generally issues the permanent residents, Green Cards valid for ten years. Two year Green Cards are also being issued by the USCIS but those cards are meant for the conditional residents and those cards cannot be renewed. You need to remember that you can only renew a ten year Green Card. To get your Green Card renewed, you need to file Form I-90, Application for Green Card Replacement with the USCIS and see to that you do not file this form to renew a conditional Green Card. Prior to filing the Green Card renewal form online, you need to ensure that e-filing is the best option for you and that is because certain categories of applicants are ineligible for e-filing.

After making sure that you are eligible for online filing, you need to go to the e-filing page and click, “Start Your Application”. You will be required to create a user account in order to e-file a USCIS form. Only if you are a registered user, you will be able to file your petition online. Creating a user account is fairly simple and it may not take much of your time. After you create an account, if you login using that registered name, you will be able to access the application for Green Card renewal. You can then start completing your application and the form is self explanatory. After completing and filing your application, you need to make sure that it has successfully been submitted. If you have successfully submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation page with a receipt number. You can use this confirmation page to establish that you have applied for Green Card renewal.

You can pay the Form I-90 filing fee online by making use of a credit or a debit card. Remember that you will receive the confirmation receipt only after you make the fee payment. That receipt will include the address to which you must mail your supporting documents and immediately after filing your form, you must mail your supporting documents. After receiving your supporting documents, USCIS will mail you Form I-797C, Notice of Action and you can use this form as an evidence that you have filed Form I-90 for Green Card renewal. USCIS will send a biometrics appointment notice, if biometrics services are required in your case and you need to make it to the Application Support Center at the scheduled time and submit biometrics information. After reviewing your application, a new 10 year Green Card will be mailed to you by the USCIS, if you are found to be eligible for permanent resident status in the United States.