What does Temporary Protected Status Mean?

United States grants a special temporary immigration status to the citizens of certain foreign countries that have experienced major disruptions, known as Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Due to civil wars, natural disasters or other general threats, the government of the United States designates certain foreign countries for TPS. People who belong to such designated countries, can apply for this temporary immigration status and stay in the United States. This status is meant for people who are unable to return to their countries of citizenship and this blanket status will permit the citizens of designated countries to remain in America until the crisis is resolved.

It is mandatory to understand that TPS will not lead to US citizenship or to lawful permanent resident status. But people who apply for TPS will be granted employment authorization documents and TPS beneficiaries will be permitted to work in the United States. Similarly they can apply for and obtain travel documents. To obtain TPS, an individual who is a citizen of a designated country must file Form I-821, Application for Temporary Protected Status. Along with that, an application for an employment authorization document, Form I-765 must be filed. This application for a US work permit must be filed by all the TPS applicants even if they do not seek to work in America.

TPS beneficiaries will not be deported from the country by the Department of Homeland Security but to receive this temporary status, foreign nationals must be admissible into the country. A foreign national can apply for TPS only if his country of citizenship is designated by the Secretary of Homeland Security. Likewise, a stateless individual also can apply for TPS in America. Applicants must be aware of filing deadlines and they will be granted TPS only if they file their applications during the registration period. Similarly, they need to prove that they have been living in the United States right from the time their countries were designated for TPS. To become eligible for TPS, a foreign national must establish that he was present in the country at the time his home country was designated for TPS. However, applications filed by foreign nationals who have been convicted of crimes will not be accepted by the USCIS.