I-131 Form Filing Fee (Updated 2019)

Form I-131 Filing FeeForm I-131, Application for Travel Document, is the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) form that one should file to get a travel document. This applies to green card holders, refugees and those whose adjustment of status applications are pending.

Green card holders can file this form to get a re-entry permit. They can apply for a travel document when they plan to make a foreign trip that would last for more than six months but less than a year. To make sure they are allowed to get into the U.S. post their foreign trip, they can get a re-entry permit before they leave the U.S.

Likewise, refugees and asylees who want to travel abroad can get a refugee travel document. This also applies to those who received their green cards based on their refugee or asylum status in the U.S. People who have their adjustment of status applications pending with the USCIS can file Form I-131 to get an advance parole document. This is to show that they want to return to the U.S. after their trip and that they are not abandoning their applications to adjust status.

Filing Fee

Re-entry Permit: The filing fee for Form I-131 to get a re-entry permit is $575. There is an $85 biometrics service fee. The biometrics fee applies to those between ages 14 and 79 and not to applicants below ages 13 and those above 80.

Refugee Travel Document: Applicants of age 16 or older will need to pay a $135 fee when they file Form I-131 to get a refugee travel document. The form filing fee for applicants below age 16 is $105. The $85 biometrics fees applies to all applicants between ages 13 and 79.

Advance Parole Document for those in the U.S.: Applicants already in the U.S. will have to pay $575 to apply for and to get an advance parole document. There is no biometrics fee for advance parole applicants.

Advance Parole Document for those outside the U.S. including people under the family reunification parole programs: The I-131 application filing fee for these applicants is $575 and the biometrics service fee is not applicable to these applicants.

Applicants filing Form I-131 can request a fee waiver on Form I-912, Request for Fee Waiver, when they file Form I-131 to demonstrate their inability to pay the fee, if they cannot afford the fee.