Form I-485 Filing Fee (Updated 2019)

Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, needs to be filed by an individual who seeks to apply for legal permanent resident status while in the U.S. through the process called adjustment of status.

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Every application must include the required form filing fee and the biometric services fee (if applicable). The filing fee for Form I-485 is $1,140 and $85 is the fee for biometric services.

The filing fee for applicants of age 13 or below is $750 if they are filing with their parent’s Form I-485. But they will have to pay $1,140 if they are filing without their parent’s I-485 application.

The fee for biometrics services applies only to those between ages 14 and 79. However, applicants below age 14 and above 79 will have to appear for the biometrics appointment though they do not have to pay the fee. Applicants who turn 14 when their applications are pending will need to pay the $85 biometrics services before USCIS adjudicates their applications.

Refugees need not pay the I-485 form filing fee as well as the fee for biometrics services. Applicants who demonstrate their inability to pay the fee, need not pay the fee. But they will have to file Form I-912, Request for Fee Waiver or submit a written request requesting USCIS to waive their fee, along with which they will have to submit evidence of their inability to pay the fee. Those in deportation proceedings or exclusion before an Immigration Judge, need not pay the form filing fee if the judge waives their fee. They will need to request the judge to waive their fee by submitting required evidence of their inability to pay the fee.