Medicare Open Enrollment Ends on 7th December 2012

A US citizen or a Green Card holder, above age 65 is likely to become eligible for Medicare. Health care law of the United States helps the people with Medicare to live healthier, as Medicare allows them to get access to many preventive services. One of the most important things that we need to do now is to make sure that we are in the right insurance plan. While selecting our plan we need to be thoughtful and must select the best plan. The open enrollment period for Medicare ends on 7th December and if you have not yet thought about Medicare, you need to select your insurance plan before the last date.

You can make use of the Medicare Plan Finder, to know about different insurance plans that are available. Review the options and choose the best plan that you need and that meets your budget. If you are looking to change your insurance plan for the next year, you may change it on or before December 7, so that your new plan will begin on January 1, 2013. Senior citizens and permanent residents with Medicare in the donut hole, can save money in the year 2013, as the health care law of the United States provides greater discounts.

More than 5 million Green Card holders and US citizens, with Medicare in donut hole, have saved more than $5 million since 2010. Before the end of the open enrollment period, you may compare the costs and the benefits of your current plan. People with Medicare, must analyze their choices on a regular basis, as their needs and the insurance plans, change every year. You may now review your options and if you wish to change your plan, this is the right time to do it as the open enrollment period ends on December 7. But you need not do anything if you do not want to change your plan and if you are satisfied with your current insurance plan.