Most Common Mistakes Applicants Make When Applying for a Green Card Through Employment

If you are applying for a green card through employment, you will want to make sure that your application has the best chance of success. To do that, avoid these common mistakes that many applicants do make:

Mistake #1: Not reading the information ahead of time for eligibility. Before applying for permanent residency on the basis of employment, you must generally have a permanent job or job offer in the US as well as an employer willing to sponsor your application. In addition, you will need to meet other eligibility requirements for a green card. Before applying, make sure that you are eligible. You can do this by reading the information available at

Mistake #2: Not filling out your application form correctly, accurately, and fully. Any mistakes on your application form will likely lead to you being rejected for a green card. However, USCIS forms are notoriously complex. You will need to visit the USCIS website to download the latest forms as well as the latest instructions for your application. If you still do not understand the application or are unsure how to fill out your application, get help from a qualified source. Do not simply leave portions of the form blank.

Mistake #3: Relying on the wrong sources of information. Unless your situation is very complicated, you will generally not need to pay a US immigration attorney to help you with your green card application. However, it is also possible that friends and family will offer advice about your application. While the advice may be well-intentioned, keep in mind that friends and family are not usually immigration experts. Even if they went through the green card application process, it may have been some years ago and rules may have changed since then. Rely on the USCIS and other reliable sources of information if you need help with your application. If you work for a large company and your employer is sponsoring your application, there may be someone at your firm who can help you with the application.