Places in the U.S. that Welcome Immigrants

Places in the U.S. that Welcome ImmigrantsIt is well known that the U.S. is a country that is built on immigration. While many people in the country are in favor of immigration and immigrants, there are many against it as well. Some believe that immigrants strengthen the country’s economy and on the other hand, some say that immigrants take away the jobs from U.S. citizens. There are some immigrant-friendly states and cities in the U.S. with policies that would benefit immigrants and attract them. But some U.S. states and cities have policies that are against immigrants and immigration.

Here are a few immigrant-friendly places in the U.S.

Austin – Texas

The fourth-largest city in Texas, Austin is one of the most immigrant-friendly cities in the U.S. Many from Mexico have immigrated and continue to immigrate to this state. The climate of Austin is similar to that of Mexico and Mexicans view it as a great place to start new businesses.

Princeton – New Jersey

Princeton is a small community in New Jersey that has incorporated immigrant-friendly policies and that focuses on promoting immigrant integration. It grants ID cards to all residents, including undocumented immigrants. Immigrants can use these cards to access libraries, medical centers and to visit the city’s public recreation centers. These cards also allow them to open bank accounts.

New York City

New York City is the most diverse place in America and the most famous American city for immigrants. More than 30 percent of New York City’s population is comprised of immigrants. No, New York City is planning to launch a new effort in order to increase citizenship among green card holders.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a long history of welcoming immigrants and is one of the largest cities in the U.S. Los Angeles offers free citizenship workshops for the legal residents living there and it is also working hard to reduce fraud against immigrants looking for legal advice.

Boulder, Colorado; Richmond, Virginia; Columbus, Ohio; Philadelphia; El Paso, Texas are other immigrant-friendly places in the U.S.