Single Entry and Multiple Entry Visas

Single Entry and Multiple Entry VisasA U.S. visa must be obtained to travel to the U.S. Temporary visitors will need to get nonimmigrant visas and people seeking to settle in the U.S. need to get immigrant visas. To travel to the U.S. temporarily for business, tourism, employment, etc., nonimmigrant visas must be obtained.

U.S. visas in the passports of non-U.S. citizens will give them permission to travel to a U.S. port of entry but do not guarantee entry into the country. Visas will be issued to foreigners by consular officers abroad after they review their applications for U.S. visas and after making sure that they are admissible into America.

Immigration authorities at the ports of entry will allow them to enter the U.S. after verifying their eligibility. Immigration officers will also stamp their passports and indicate the date on which they will need to leave the country.

The visa expiration date and the length of time they are permitted to stay in the U.S. are both different. The expiration date of the visa and the date on which it was issued can be found on the visa. Visa validity is the time period between the date on which the visa was issued and the expiration date of the visa. During that period, visa holders can travel to U.S. ports of entry.

There are two types of nonimmigrant visas being issued, single entry and multiple entry visas. Based on the nationalities of the applicants, single or multiple entry visas will be issued to them.

A single entry visa can be used by the visa holders to travel to a U.S. port of entry just one time. They can travel to the U.S. any time before the visa expiry date. Once they leave the U.S. they will not be able to travel again to the U.S. with the same visa even if it is still valid.

Multiple entry visas can be used to travel to U.S. ports of entry as many times as the visa status. The number of times the visa holders can travel to the U.S. with those particular visas will be denoted under “entries” on the visas. These visas will be valid for a certain period of time which is known as the visa validity period. During this period, the holders of these visas can travel to the U.S. multiple times for the purpose the visas were issued. However, they must not exceed the number of entries allowed on their visas.