Step by Step Instructions to Remove Conditions on Your Green Card

Step by Step Instructions to Remove Conditions on Your Green CardTen year Green Cards are issued only to the lawful permanent residents of the United States and the USCIS issues two year conditional Green Cards to the conditional residents. These two year Green Cards cannot be renewed and at the end of the two year period, conditional residents along with their spouses must file petitions to remove conditions on their conditional status. If you hold a conditional Green Card, you will have to file Form I-751, around 90 days prior to the date of expiration of your conditional status, that is printed on your conditional Green Card. See to that you file this petition within the right window of time and your conditional status will be terminated if you fail to file your application at the right time.

This form can be downloaded from the USCIS website and you can fill this form by hand or you may fill out Form I-751 on your computer and print it and you may also file this form online. If you complete the paper form, see to that you sign and date your petition. If you and your spouse are separated and if you cannot file this petition jointly with your spouse, you will have to apply for a waiver before filing your petition. Remember that, if this petition is not filed at the right time, you will lose your status and will be removed from the United States.

Form I-751, Petition to Remove the Conditions of Residence

You will have to complete all the seven sections of Form I-751 and this form is self explanatory. You just need to go through the form instructions to know about the form and about the filing instructions. Write your name and other information about you in the first section. You need to check the right box that applies to you, in the second section and you just need to go through the questions and check the right box. You need to list the date and place of your marriage in the third section and you need to read the other questions and check “yes” or “no” beside each question.

Enter information about your spouse and your children in the fourth and fifth sections and section six is meant for people with disabilities and if you need accommodations, you may complete this part. Finally, affix your signature in part seven and if your petition was prepared by someone else other than you, the person who completed your petition must sign in the last section of Form I-751.

Supporting Documents

Almost all the USCIS forms must be submitted along with few supporting documents and Form I-751 also must accompany few supporting documents. You may submit photocopies of the required supporting documents such as your conditional Green Card. You must also submit few other documents to support your relationship. To prove that your marriage is genuine, you may submit birth certificates of your children, financial records, joint tax returns and some other documents.

If you are not filing this form jointly with your spouse, you will have to submit your divorce decree, annulment record or your spouse’s death certificate, depending on your situation. If you were abused by your spouse and if you are unable to file this petition jointly due to that reason, you will have to submit copies of medical reports or police reports.

Form I-751 – Application Package

Your application package must contain, completed Form I-751, form filing fee and the required supporting documents. See to that you also include the biometrics fee. This application package must be mailed to address that is listed on the Form I-751, instructions page.