What are the Things that You Need to Do to Apply for US Citizenship?

What are the Things that You Need to Do to Apply for US Citizenship?There are few things that you need to do in order to become a US citizen. Form N-400, Application for Naturalization is the USCIS naturalization form that must be filed by a person who wishes to become a US citizen but everyone who seeks to become a US citizen cannot file this form and to become a US citizen, you must first become a permanent resident of the United States. Moreover, you must meet few prerequisites and must be eligible for US citizenship. To apply for US citizenship, you must first make sure that you are eligible and you need to be above age 18.

You must have maintained good moral character and must have been living in the country for five long years as a permanent resident. Apart from these requirements, you need to be proficient in English and you must have good knowledge of US history and government. Similarly, you must file your naturalization application in the American state, where you have been living for the past three months. You must be willing to take the oath of allegiance and must establish that you will be attached to the constitution and that you will be a law abiding person. Similarly, members of the US armed forces may become eligible for US citizenship and if you have served in the US armed forces and if you meet the naturalization eligibility requirements, you can apply for US citizenship.

If you feel that you meet all the requirements, you can start the naturalization process. To make sure that you are eligible for naturalization, you may check the naturalization eligibility worksheet and this sheet will help you to decide whether you are eligible to apply for naturalization. Filing Form N-400, is the first step and you will have to download a copy of this form and start completing it. Remember that you must not miss anything and you need to answer all the questions. Similarly, the US citizenship application, must accompany few supporting documents. If you happen to mail your petition without the supporting documents, your petition will be rejected. Hence, you must start collecting the required documents, as soon as you decide to apply for US citizenship. You may go through the document checklist and that checklist will help you to collect the required supporting documents.