Undocumented Immigrants in Los Angeles will Receive LA ID Cards

Residents of Los Angeles will now receive ID cards, irrespective of their immigration status, with which they can open bank accounts, pay bills and borrow library books. This ID card means a lot to the residents who do not have immigration papers and who are unable to open bank accounts. Every individual including, foster youth and transgenders, may obtain these cards. Similarly, undocumented immigrants may obtain these cards and use these ID cards to open bank accounts.

Undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles, say that these cards are more important to them as they feel that the country has recognized them. Reports state that there are more than 450,000 people who are living in Los Angeles, do not have bank accounts. These ID cards that will help such people to open bank accounts, will not cost much and it will just cost $10 to $20. Holders of these cards can pre-load and spend around $3,000, every month. These cards will allow the unbanked population to keep their money safe as most of the undocumented immigrants who do not have bank accounts tend to lose their money and are being robbed, as they are unable to keep their money safe. Undocumented immigrants say that these cards will protect them and will allow them to come out of their shadows.

Parents who do not have IDs face difficulties while they try to pick up their children from the schools and now these cards will help such people. Similar to Los Angeles, cities such as Oakland and Richmond in California, will also issue ID card to the residents, in 2013. San Francisco and New Haven, have already issued ID cards to the residents. These cards may be used as identification documents but these cards may not grant lawful status to the holders and will not permit them to become citizens of the United States.