November 2012 – National Adoption Month

November is the national adoption month and the 17th of November is observed as the national adoption day. This day is observed to celebrate the adoptive parents and children. Many people who seek to adopt children make use of this day and adopt children legally. However, adoption is a long process and the adoptive parents need to wait for a long time to get the final adoption decrees.

USCIS provides lots for resources for adoptive parents and creates awareness about adoption within the country and abroad. Many US citizens adopt children from abroad and foreign nationals adopt US children, though intercountry adoption is a long and a complicated process. However, US citizens who seek to adopt children from foreign countries can make use of the USCIS resources, to know about the adoption procedures. US citizens will be allowed to adopt children only after the USCIS ensures that the adoptive parents are eligible to adopt a child. Similarly, US citizen parents may adopt a child from a foreign country only if the child is eligible to immigrate to America.

“National Adoption Month-Virtually: Adoption in the Digital Age”, is the theme for the year 2012. The US Department of Human Services, is sharing information and creating awareness about the foster children in the country through social media. It states that there are around 104,000 children in America, who are looking for permanent homes and many foster children are likely to find loving permanent homes during the adoption month.

Reports state there are more than 3 million couples in the United States, who are looking forward to adopt children. Similarly, US citizens have adopted around 11,059 children from foreign countries in the year 2010. President Obama, in his Presidential Proclamation, has stated that his administration will always help foster child to find permanent homes and the Affordable Care Act and the International Adoption Simplification Act, signed by President Obama have simplified the adoption process.