Undocumented Immigrants Strengthen the Economy of Arizona

Though Arizona is looking forward to drive them out, undocumented immigrants have been found to boost the economy of the state. The tax revenues of Arizona will decrease if undocumented immigrants are driven away. A report for the Center for American Progress from Hinojosa-Ojeda, states that if all the undocumented immigrants in Arizona are given lawful status, Arizona is likely to gain around $540 million every year. Similarly, if the undocumented immigrants are deported, the state might suffer a great loss.

Reports also state that, if the undocumented immigrants are allowed to work legally and if they earn more, they will pay higher taxes and spend more. However, there are contrary views towards this report as Fair says that the undocumented immigrants in Arizona consume more than what they contribute. Immigration experts say that all the assumptions related to this issue must be taken into account.

This report from Hinojosa-Ojeda, is based on the estimates of the total income of the immigrants and the taxes that they pay, which adds to the economy of Arizona. And so he says that the immigrants impart much to the economy. He also says the contribution of the immigrants will increase if they are work legally. According to his report, deportation of undocumented immigrants will result in a decrease in the total wages and will also decrease the overall state product.

Many claim that the immigrants take the jobs of Americans. But Hinojosa-Ojeda says that immigrants are employed just because Americans are not willing to do the work of the immigrants. Moreover, Americans are not willing to the do the kind of work that the undocumented immigrants do for low wages. Michelle Mittelstadt from the Migration Policy Institute said that the undocumented immigrants are employed in certain jobs that cannot be filled right away. She also added that the undocumented immigrants support the economy of the United States. Moreover, deportations will adversely affect agriculture and health care sectors.