US Border Crossing Information

US Border Crossing InformationUS citizens and the citizens of foreign countries, traveling to the United States, must be aware of the US Border Crossing requirements. Travelers will be required to provide passports, Green Cards or other travel documents. They will be permitted to enter into the country only after their documents are verified by immigration officers at the US ports of entry.

All the foreign nationals traveling to the United States will be subject to the US customs and immigration laws. Generally, foreign nationals entering into America will have to provide their valid passports and visas.

US Citizens – Documents needed for entry into America

All US citizens including children who enter into America by air will have to provide their passports or other travel documents, at the US port of entry. US citizens can provide their NEXUS cards at airports with NEXUS kiosks. Americans can also provide their US military IDs or US Merchant Mariner Documents when on official business.

US citizens entering into America at sea or land ports of entry will have to provide their valid WHTI-compliant documents. These documents must include their US passports, passport cards, NEXUS, SENTRI or FAST cards. Their enhanced driver’s licenses, Military Identification Cards, US Merchant Mariner Documents, will also be accepted

Lawful Permanent Residents – Documents needed for entry into America

Green Card holders including children, entering into America by air, must provide their valid passports or their secure travel documents. Permanent residents entering at sea or land ports of entry need to provide their valid Green Cards. Permanent residents who had remained abroad for a year or more must present their re-entry permits or returning resident visas, to re-enter America.

Citizens from Other Countries

All the other international travelers entering into America by air must present their passports or secure travel documents, at the US ports of entry.