USCIS Applications

USCIS ApplicationsUSCIS stands for US Citizenship and Immigration Services. People who seek to obtain immigration benefits will have to file applications with the USCIS. USCIS forms are free and the applicants can download the forms they need from the USCIS website. Some immigration forms can also be filed online.

USCIS customers can prepare most of the USCIS forms online. They can then print the completed applications and file the forms with the USCIS. They can apply for US citizenship, US visas, and for Green Cards, online. All the Green Card based forms, citizenship and naturalization based forms, employment based forms, family based forms, adoptions based forms, and humanitarian benefits based forms, are available on the USCIS website.

Almost all the USCIS applications must be filed with the form filing fee. This includes naturalization applications and all the other immigration forms. Form filing fee along with the forms must be mailed to the right USCIS address. USCIS updates forms and changes the fees quite often. It is hence mandatory to check the fees prior to filing an application. This also applies to the forms. Applicants must use the current edition of the forms as the USCIS will not accept older editions.

Applicants need to send the fingerprint fee and the applicable form filing fee along with their application packages that include their applications and the supporting documents. If the biometrics fee is not required, they just need to send the application filing fee. USCIS grants fee waivers in certain cases and waives fees if the applicants establish that they are unable to pay the fee. People who are unable to afford the filing fee can request fee waivers.

Applicants must fill out the USCIS applications completely and sign the petitions without fail. Most of the USCIS forms are very simple to fill out. Applicants just need to go through the form filing instructions that come along with the applications and complete their applications by following the instructions.

There are several USCIS forms and the applicants must use the forms that best suit their need. People looking forward to immigrate to the United States and the immigrants who seek to obtain US citizenship, must file applications with the USCIS. People who seek to file USCIS applications, need to make an attempt to understand the working of the US immigration system and this will help them to file the right form.

USCIS Applications :

Citizenship and Naturalization Based Forms

Green Card Based Forms

Employment Based Forms

US Visas

Family Based Forms