USCIS Immigration Forms – Filing Tips

USCIS Immigration Forms – Filing TipsU.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) immigration forms can be complicated but they don’t have to be so. The following form filing tips will not only help applicants file a form successfully but also help them avoid scams.

  • Applicants need to know which are the correct forms to fill for the different immigration benefits.
  • Applicants need to use the most current version of the immigration form.
  • Once they download their forms, they need to go through the form filing instructions. This will help them complete their forms successfully.
  • Applicants can either use black ink to complete the form or complete it with a computer. They will need to make sure they do not leave any required form field blank.
  • Supporting documents play an important role. Those filing forms must make sure they have all the needed documents to submit to the USCIS. However, they need not send original documents unless requested by the USCIS.
  • Applicants filling out an immigration form should remember to sign the form once they complete it. USCIS will not accept an unsigned form.
  • It is important for the applicant to make sure that the information they have provided is accurate and true before they sign the form.
  • USCIS recommends applicants to use a new blank form and start over again if they happen to make a mistake and need to make a correction. Use of highlighters, correction fluids or tape to correct any mistakes on the form must be avoided. The special scanners that USCIS uses to read the forms will not read the information that has been corrected.
  • The 2D barcode technology in USCIS forms like G-28, I-90, I-131, I-821 and I-864, captures the information typed on these forms.  USCIS officers will scan the data from the barcode and upload it to the USCIS systems. The barcode will capture typed data and not information that has been hand-written.
  • Most of the immigration forms need the applicants to pay the form filing fees along with the form. The fees can be paid with a check or a money order. Without the right fees, applications will not be accepted.
  • Some applicants who require a fee waiver and request one can send the request for fee waiver along with the form.
  • The applicants can make copies of their completed and signed forms for their records.
  • Completed forms must be mailed to the right address that can be found in the form filing instructions. Forms must be mailed to the USCIS through USPS delivery or approved courier services like FedEx, DHL and UPS.
  • On receipt of the application, USCIS will assign a unique application receipt number. The applicant will then receive a receipt notice with that number.  The applicants should keep this notice safe as they need to use this number to track the progress of their case online. This receipt notice will also have the name of the USCIS office that is processing their case.
  • Applicants can call the USCIS National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 for help. Or they can make an InfoPass appointment and meet an immigration officer to get answers to their questions on applications they have filed.