USCIS Publishes Improved Immigration and Naturalization Forms

USCIS keeps updating immigration and naturalization forms and it has recently improved few online forms. The agency looks forward to simplify the form filing process and make it easier for its customers to fill out and file forms. USCIS has now started to publish forms in a 2-column, Adobe fillable format. This new format will prevent the applicants from making mistakes and it will restrict incorrect entries. This format will provide step by step instructions and pop-up boxes with information. It will provide instructions in plain language and people who are not good in English will also be able to understand these instructions and complete the USCIS forms easily. USCIS has improved several naturalization forms and all these forms now come with instructions in plain-language. Customers will no more find it difficult to fill out these improved forms.

USCIS has made improvements to several forms and the following are few forms that have been improved.

USCIS will soon improve the following forms and few other forms, with the new data collection technology.

USCIS recently published Form I-90, with 2D barcode technology and people who seek to apply for Green Card renewal or for replacement, can file Form I-90 online. When the applicants complete the online forms with 2D barcode technology, the barcode on each page will store information that the applicants enter. USCIS will scan the information that the barcode stores and upload it to the USCIS systems. This process will help the USCIS to serve its customers efficiently. At the same time, USCIS will also centralize filing locations at the Lockbox facilities.